Sukhy Cheema

Sukhy Cheema
Sukhy Cheema
Top 5 Business Activities
Top 5 Business Activities
    1. Brand Creation
    2. Brand Strategy
    3. Brand Recognition
    4. UI / UX Design
    5. Digital Marketing
Business Description
Business Description
    We help you build a brand that will stand out in the market and provide a platform for you to grow. By working with Branding London, you are gaining a design partner that will work with you to truly understand and meet your business objectives. Branding London is where creativity meets business strategy. Taking into consideration the competitive landscape, we can help define your position in the marketplace. The branding that we create is unique and aims to define your business as a market leader. We have over 10 years of industry experience working with a range of clients including; start-ups, small to medium size businesses and large corporations.
Company Profile:
Company Profile
A creative design agency focusing on building iconic brands and unique designs that stand out in the marketplace.

Notable work: • Startups: Doctors Diet®, FlyKick™, Grow London Rowing Studio®, Healthcure®. • Luxury & Retail: Alpina Watches, Bentley, Rolex, Riverside Venue, The Watch Gallery. • Corporate: Capgemini, Cisco, Lloyds Banking Group, Hewlett Packard, HPE and Microsoft. • Media: BBC ‘The Apprentice’ - lead designer producing the successful brand \'Beach Dreams\'.

Key services include:

• Strategy - How your customers will perceive your brand and ensure the impression it creates in your customers mind is unique, desirable and distinct.

• Brand Creation - Help to create a powerful identity for your brand to differentiate your products or services from competitors, creating key brand elements such as a unique visual expression, brand personality and positioning.

• Brand Recognition - Build a consistent tone of voice and image, to create instantly recognisable brands for your business.

• UI / UX - Create distinctive and user-friendly designs which deliver on the emotional and practical needs of your target audience.

• Digital Marketing - Develop a strategy which best suits your needs and goals by providing a wide range of services, working harmoniously towards building your online presence.

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